The Mighty Bovs & Raging Bull announce a 2 year partnership!

26 January 2018

We are pleased to have been selected as kit partners for The Mighty Bovs. I am looking forward to monitoring the success of the boys this season as they have promised lots of trophies, so no pressure!

The kit design looks great and we have been able to complete the look with our new Rio range. (Rio Midlayer on the right)

Our new Rio range gives us vast colour options so we can match the colours on the strip to the off field items to give a coordinated look.

Nigel Beaty

Raging Bull Sales Manager Scotland


The Mighty Bovs are also taking advantage of our free online shop service where supporters can purchase a range of items including replica shirts.


The Mighy Bovs wish to thank their sponsors for their support, sponsors include 3P Training Ltd, Lunaria Recruitment, Rapturous and The Whistle Stop Barber Shop. 

Tournaments entered so far this year are North Berwick 7s, Haddinton 7s, Mussleburgh 7s, Cumbria 7s, Broughton 7s, Edinburgh City 7s, Valencia 7s and Perthshire 7s.

Dylan Russel - Head of Marketing and Media Management for The Mighty Bovs gives us some history and his thoughts on the kit.


The Mighy Bovs have been going since the summer of 2013, originally formed by a couple of guys at university in Aberdeen who wanted to create a side to enter into the university tournaments.  The players mainly come from Edinburgh and East Lothian, with a few players coming from up north in Aberdeen.  Representives of Stewarts Melville RFC, Haddington RFC, North Berwick RFC, Musselburgh RFC, Deeside RFC and St Boswells RFC.

Originally they were called the Bovril Boys, so why change the name? Well they wanted the chance to fully reform whilst still keeping a small part of the original image created.  We wanted to shed the image of a team that just enters tournaments and become the team that wins them.

We have always been known for our particularly eye catching kit. This year we wanted to change it. Give it a bit more of an elite look whilst still embodying the spice we pride ourselves in. The new kit looks amazing with our main colours of navy, pink and white. The vividness of the pink is ideal for giving it the perfect amount of flare. Were literally counting down the days until we can get it on at training and then pull it on for our first tournament run out in the summer.


We looking forward to an exciting new partnership and to watch The Mighty Bovs success in the coming season.

From everyone at Raging Bull Sportswear.




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